Hadoop Consulting

Hadoop has been called the next-generation platform for data processing because it offers low cost and the ultimate in scalability. But Hadoop is still immature and will need serious work by the community including the 12 vendors described here to turn this fledgling baby elephant into an industry colossus.

Hadoop is at the center of this decade's big data revolution. This Java-based framework is actually a collection of software and subprojects for distributed processing of huge volumes of data. The core approach is MapReduce, a technique used to boil down tens or even hundreds of terabytes of Internet clickstream data, log-file data, network traffic streams, or masses of text from social network feeds.

Excitement has been building around Hadoop since its release as an Apache open source project in 2008, thanks to its combination of low cost, scalability, and flexibility to handle any data without building predefined schemas. Many people see in Hadoop the potential to usher in a whole new generation of data-processing capabilities, just as Structured Query Language (SQL) ushered in a revolution in data computing more than 30 years ago.

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